With 20 years of manufacturing experience
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We are a top camping gear manufacture from China, offering hammock tents, air sleeping pads, camping furniture, camping blankets, and more.

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With 20 years of manufacturing experience

With 20 years of expertise in hammock manufacturing, GES is a company that excels in a wide range of outdoor products. Our specialization includes hammocks, tents, and sleeping bags. As the global demand for outdoor products continues to grow, our company is expanding in parallel. We understand that each client has unique preferences and requirements; therefore, we offer tailored service programs to meet these diverse needs. Our company boasts a robust supply chain team, capable of developing related products. We provide a comprehensive one-stop purchasing service for all your outdoor product needs. and awareness , we can provide different service programme , Our company also has / had a strong ability supply chain team to develop related products , Provide one-stop purchasing service .

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20 years of manufacturing experience, direct supply from the manufacturer

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Put forward your company's product requirements and send free samples within 7 days.

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Sign a formal contract and deliver the goods as scheduled within 30 days.

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Explore our select range of hammocks, crafted for business excellence. Our collection, featuring Classic Hammocks, Hammock Tarps & Mosquito Nets, Accessories, and Underquilts, is designed for durability and style. Ideal for retailers and wholesalers, our products stand out in the outdoor market for their quality and innovative features. Elevate your inventory with our hammocks, a blend of reliability and outstanding design, preferred by businesses worldwide.


Discover the highlights of our successful projects. Each one reflects our dedication to quality and innovation in outdoor equipment. From supplying major retailers to customizing for niche markets, we’ve consistently delivered excellence.

Witness how our expertise in hammock design and production sets industry standards. Our projects exemplify our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

From Concept to Creation – Excellence in Every Step

Innovative Design, Rapid Sampling, Quality Production

Innovative Outdoor Equipment Design

Expert designers with 16+ years of experience, crafting trendy, customizable outdoor gear to meet your vision.

Fast & Free Sample

Regular samples in 3-5 days and customize samples in 7-10 days, with expert guidance for enhanced product quality.

Assured Quality Production

Our dedicated team ensures top quality at every stage, from raw materials to final inspection, for superior orders.

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Hammock with Mosquito Net
Travel Hammock
Hammock Bug Net

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